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Appraisal Minus the Mortgage Does Not Equal Equity

The appraisal minus the balance owed on the mortgage DOES NOT equal the equity available in the house, there are many other things to consider. Here are just a few:

An appraiser does not provide a home inspection of the home, the appraiser provides a professional opinion of the value of the home based on what they visually see, current market analysis and professional expertise. 

If the home must be sold during the divorce or shortly thereafter, home repairs, real estate sales commissions, property taxes, home inspections, home warranties, attorneys fees and closing costs must all be figured in to reach the true equity of a home. 


More Information Available

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We specialize in helping couples who plan to divorce avoid making expensive and long-lasting mistakes with their marital home.


We do this by helping people completely understand all of their options with the marital home including keeping the home, selling the home, mortgage and refinance options, and explaining why home due diligence, updated credit reports, and title searches are so important.

We explain to our clients how their decisions with respect to the home can impact their quality of life for many years to come.

We help our clients prevent credit damage and preserve their ability to buy a home in the future.  

With the information we can provide families can make better decisions and perhaps avoid making expensive and long-lasting mistakes.

Our initial pre-divorce consultations are provided at no charge.



If you use appraisals in your practice to help determine the value of a home we can show you at least two gaps in the case file that can be detrimental to your clients.

We’ll explain why house due diligence is very important to determining actual value.

We’ll explain why a CLUE report should be part of your case file.

The information we produce can bring about more cooperative clients.



We provide our initial pre-divorce consultations at no charge.

We do this in the interest of consumer protection, helping our clients protect their credit ratings and preserve their future home ownership capabilities. 

If the couple decides to sell the marital home we hope that our information has been helpful and they will consider us for the listing and mortgage or refinancing of the home and/or new homes. 

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Less than 1% of all real estate agents, mortgage loan professionals, and title professionals have the Real Estate Collaboration Specialist - Divorce (RCS-D) designation. Agents without this designation could just be guessing how to advise you through this difficult time, we'll give you the facts that only professionals with our specialized training can provide.