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Peter Hudson, Arizona licensed real estate agent, REALTOR®

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If you are thinking of selling your house I charge just a 1%* listing (seller's) agent fee... 

Why do I charge just a 1%* Listing (Seller’s Agent) fee? It’s simple. Real estate commissions were developed decades ago when homes cost a lot less money.

The price of homes today in the market has changed, and the commission percentage you pay a REALTOR® should change too.

Being the listing agent of a home for sale is not a difficult job when you know what you are doing. I have sold many homes and I know exactly what I am doing!

I do not work with a team of people where I need to split earnings. I work alone, and I handle all aspects of the transaction myself. In addition, where some brokers charge their real estate agents up to 50% of their commission, I work with a real estate broker (HomeSmart International) who does not take a percentage of the commission I earn. My broker requires a flat fee of $350 per transaction.

With this in mind, my overhead is much lower than some traditional real estate agents who work for brokers who require a large percentage of the commission earned, or they work with teams where the commissions are shared amongst a group of people. 

When you work with me you’ll receive the same full services that other brokers charge a 3% listing (seller’s) agent fee. I simply provide the services for less, which means a lot more money for you.

Let my nearly 30 years of multi-million dollar sales, real estate, and marketing experience be of assistance to you.

*1% listing (seller’s) agent fee, plus a one-time $350 brokerage fee. The buyer’s agent fee will be 2.5% as opposed to the traditional 3%. The TOTAL selling commission will be 3.5%, plus a broker fee of $350, as opposed to the traditional 6% of the selling price of the home.

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