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I'm Peter Hudson. I am a licensed real estate agent and REALTOR® in the State of Arizona and I have the special designation as Real Estate Collaboration Specialist - Divorce (RCS-D). This designation means I have specialized training with divorce situations in real estate transactions. 

I specialize in helping and representing couples who plan to divorce avoid expensive and long-lasting mistakes with their family home with compassionate explanations of all possibilities with the marital home.

Although my information will help anyone who is planning to divorce, my information will be particularly helpful to those who are preparing an uncontested divorce (as much as possible - I know, I've been there!) and who are at least being amicable in the decision. 

Remember, Arizona is a Community Property State. You can read more about this at this link:   Community Property State Explained 

Look around and if I can answer any real estate related questions for you please reach out. 

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If your spouse keeps the house, should you sign a Quitclaim Deed and give away your rights? We call this the Quitclaim Deed Nightmare. 

Do you know all of the monies owed and liens pending on your Arizona home? Are you sure? 

Can you remove your name from the existing mortgage and buy another house?

97% of people who buy a house in Arizona do this – yet only 3% of people keeping the house during a divorce do the same. It’s called House Due Diligence… Find out what it’s about.

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